When it comes down to it, what do you really need to get married?  The top four things on your wedding planning checklist are probably:  bride, groom, officiant, and venue. For some couples, wedding planning can be very straightforward.  Their dream wedding is a simple, intimate ceremony at City Hall. There’s not a lot of fanfare, but there’s not a lot of stress either. 

Regardless of the vision, you have for your wedding, the venue can make or break your big day.  What do you need to know to find a venue that fits your style perfectly?


Are you laid back?  Are you and your partner very formal? These are the questions that need to be answered before you begin to look for a venue.  Are you casual in your approach to life but also very religious? Perhaps you need to consider getting married in a church and having your reception in your parents’ backyard.  

If your style is casual, you might consider a beach wedding; or having your ceremony in a park.  Couples who are more formal often choose high-end restaurants or large churches. For those who want their venue to reflect their personalities, shark tanks, funeral homes, and roller coasters have been the settings for some weddings. Brides and grooms with alternative tastes choose art galleries, museums, warehouses.  Check this site for weddings in art galleries in Florida.  


You decide you want to get married on a beach but your favorite aunt is in a wheelchair.  Or you opt for a ceremony in the shark tank at your local aquarium. Are all the people on your guest list going to be able to attend the ceremony?  If you choose to be married in a funeral chapel, will all your guests want to go to your wedding?  The decision, of course, is up to you and your partner.  When you look back on your wedding day, what do you want to remember? People or places?


We’d all like to have exactly what we want exactly the way we want it but, for most of us, that is not reality.  Unless you’re marrying Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, you probably have a budget for your wedding. But that doesn’t mean your dream wedding will end up a nightmare.  My youngest niece, for instance, wanted a destination wedding. But she knew many of her friends could not afford to go away, so she opted for a destination-style wedding on a friend’s beach.  Her wedding still had many of the features of an island wedding without the inherent cost.

Maybe you and your partner have Spanish heritage and dreamed of marrying in Spain.  Check out the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Florida. All the ambiance of Spain but fewer Euros.  

Regardless of your options, your venue should align with your vision of your perfect wedding.

What venue matched your wedding style? Post a comment.  We’d love to hear from you.


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