What do you think of when you hear someone talking about wildflowers, willow furniture, vintage candlesticks and bales of hay?  If you’re a bride or groom that thinks all those things would produce a beautiful wedding, you might consider setting your ceremony and reception in or near a barn.  Whether you’re wedding planning for a very formal ceremony or opting for a rustic wedding design, your wedding planning checklist will need to include many of the following.

First and foremost, do you want to have your wedding in a rural setting?  Rustic barn weddings can be gorgeous but there are things associated with barn weddings that do not come up when the wedding is taking place in a more urban area.  Think:

  1. Transportation – If the bride or groom do not live on a farm, how far will everyone have to drive to get to the ceremony and the reception?  
  2. Allergies – It’s easy enough to use faux flowers if someone has allergies.  But those triggers are more difficult to avoid if the wedding is set on a farm.
  3. Odiferous Neighbors – Can you imagine walking down the aisle while the birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the neighbors are spreading pig manure on their fields?

If you do opt for a rustic barn wedding, the decor options are limitless.  The real question is, what role do you want ‘the barn’ to play in your wedding?  Do you want your ceremony and reception held in the structure OR would you prefer to have the barn act as a backdrop to the ceremony and use a large tent for the reception?

The actual decorating also allows for a wide range of themes.  Some couples opt to leave the barn au naturel. They might string up fairy lights. There may be bales of hay off to the side.  A horse or dog might be in the barn close to the ceremony. White or metal lanterns and fresh wildflowers in vintage vases add a bit of softness.  Farm benches and farm tables fit in well with this rustic theme along with jute and natural burlap fabric.  

At the other end of the scale, some couples choose to go ‘glam’ when they decorate their barn.  White table clothes and serviettes, vintage silver or gold candle holders, white or colored candles, champagne flutes, lanterns, chandeliers, chairs, chair covers and arches. Fresh flowers in formal arrangements set on the tables and at the altar.  Pipe and draping and fabric backdrops can create a more intimate atmosphere in a very large barn.

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Are you planning a rustic barn wedding?  Post a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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