Whew!  Summer went by quickly, didn’t it?  Yesterday it was the fourth of July.  Today it’s September and time to start planning for the holiday season.   Maybe you don’t celebrate ‘Moldy Cheese Day’ on October 9th, but there are lots of other holidays and celebrations that American observe.  

First Monday in September:  Labor Day

Sept 30: Rosh Hashanah 

Second Monday in October:  Columbus Day 

Oct 1 – 7: Oktoberfest

Oct 9:  Yom Kippur

Oct 30:  Halloween 

Nov 11:  Veterans’ Day

Fourth Thursday in November: Thanksgiving

Dec 23 – 30:  Hanukkah

Dec 25:  Christmas 

Dec 26 – Jan 1:  Kwanzaa

Dec 30:  New Year’s Eve

For a very extensive list of unusual holidays, check out:

When you think of holidays, what do you think about?  Friends, family, food and decorations, of course. Because what differentiates holidays other than decorations?  You can pick up a few decorations here and there. You could use the same old ones you’ve been using for years. Or you can check out the extensive inventory at Event Decor Direct, located at 98 SE 7th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.  If you can’t make it to our new bricks and mortar store, you can look at our online catalog at .

Unlike many decor companies, you do not need to be a member in order to shop and save at Event Decor Direct.  You can walk in off the street and one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you design the holiday decor of your dreams.

FALL WEDDINGS have become more popular than summer ceremonies and now is the time to purchase your wedding decor.   Event Decor Direct is your best source for florals, lighting, centerpieces, backdrops and hardware kits for your beautiful wedding. reported that “uber-saturated hues are in” this wedding season. Check out our line of fabrics and you will find a wide range of Lagoon, Emerald, Red, Burgundy, Purple and Royal Blue in chiffon, satin, poly knit and voile. 

What about a spooky fog machine for HALLOWEEN visitors?  We have fog solution, too!  Up the ‘scary factor’ in your yard with a Gobo Projector and a six-pack of Gobos including a Zombie Hand, Evil Jack-O-Lantern, Indian Skull, Skull, Happy Halloween and a Broomstick.

Add a warm glow to your THANKSGIVING dinner table with candles and candle holders.  Take your table decor up a notch with Mercury Glass candle holders, Crystal Tulip holders, Vintage Embellished holders, or 3-piece sets of candle globes. recently announced that the ‘in’ color for CHRISTMAS 2019 is blue.  We have tablecloths, napkin rings, napkins in many colors including teal, navy, sky blue, and turquoise.  Match those up with any of our LED lights and you will have a sparkling holiday atmosphere. If you prefer not to buy a real tree, you can opt for a Gobo Projector with an array of Christmas tree Gobos.

Summer’s over but holidays are fast approaching.  What is your favorite holiday decoration? Post a comment and let us know!

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