Real vs Faux

Before I got married, I was absolutely, positively sure I would have real flowers in my floral arrangements.  They smell so wonderful. Untreated flowers can be edible. And really – nothing looks as beautiful as a real flower.  But as the date got closer, I re-thought my determination to have real flowers.

Check out Pinterest and you’ll see why.  There are tons of photos of beautiful brides with what were probably exquisite-looking bouquets that ended up droopy and sad-looking partway through the day.  (The flowers, not the brides.) If you’ve watched Father of the Bride (1991) you would have seen the florist on her hands and knees on the front sidewalk trying to thaw out newly planted tulips with a hairdryer.  I even watched a video of a bride – holding real flowers – being stung by a bee during the ceremony.

There are all sorts of good reasons to consider FAUX or silk flowers for your floral designs.  

  • They are more practical than real flowers and can be kept forever.
  • No one is allergic to artificial flowers so there won’t be any sneezing or watery eyes during your wedding ceremony.
  • Faux flowers mimicking delicate real flowers are stable and stay fresh-looking even during warm weather weddings.
  • The only petals on the ground will be that one you want on the ground.
  • Bouquets made up of faux flowers are generally lighter and less tiring to carry than bouquets of real flowers.
  • Faux flowers don’t require watering
  • They can be scented.
  • Regardless of the time or season, faux flowers allow you to incorporate out-of-season blossoms into your wedding.
  • Faux flowers can be dyed to match anything in your wedding.
  • Because they are artificial, the flowers can be ordered and arranged ahead of time.  This is a real time-saver on the day of the wedding.

There are brides who would never consider anything but REAL blossoms for their flower arrangements.  And for good reason.

  • Real flowers are breathtaking.  
  • They photograph better than faux arrangements which tend to look a bit flat in pictures.
  • Faux or silk flowers can be just as expensive or even more costly than real flowers.
  • Even scented faux flowers do not compare to the perfume of a real flower.

When it came time to order flowers for my wedding, I ended up using real and faux blossoms.  We had fresh flowers – that we picked that day – in vases. My bouquet and those of my attendants were a combination of real and faux.  It was, in my estimation, the best of both worlds.

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What type of flowers do you prefer at weddings?  Post a comment. We love hearing from you!

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