Mother & Daughter Wedding Day Shared Moment

Mother of the Bride

My daughter, Sarah, is getting married! Yikes! She can’t possibly be old enough to get married. I remember changing her diapers. I remember her first day at school. And now she wants help planning her wedding.

Frank, Sarah’s dad, and I sat down as soon as we heard the news and decided how much we could afford to spend on the wedding. Sarah and Michael (the groom) say they want to pay for the wedding themselves but they both just graduated from college and have only been working a couple of years. They want to get married in our backyard and have the reception here as well. Phew!

Before we get too busy, I checked online to see what the mom of the bride is supposed to do.

  1. Help Sarah pick out (and probably pay for) the wedding dress of her dreams. Generally, my daughter tends to be ‘casual’, so it will be interesting to see what she chooses for a dress.
  2. Pick out my dress, keeping in mind the design of Sarah’s dress and the colors of the wedding. And then I’m supposed to let Michael’s mother know the same information.
  3. Contact Michael’s parents and arrange a time to meet. That is going to be a bit tricky. They live across the country, so I’ll call Michael’s mother and see if they would consider coming to our place for a weekend. If they do come here, we can scope out restaurants for the rehearsal dinner.
  4. Sarah’s best friend from school will be her maid of honor and her other friend will be a bridesmaid. Michael and Sarah haven’t decided anything about their wedding decor but I don’t think finding dresses for the two girls will be a problem. I’ll take them around to a couple of bridal shops after they’ve checked #Pinterest for ideas.
  5. I know my book club friends will want to host a shower for Sarah, so I’ll need to ask Sarah where she and Michael want to set up a gift registry. And I’m supposed to attend all the wedding showers. Duh!
  6. Sarah, Frank and I talked about a guest list from our side of the family. Frank contacted two nearby hotels and booked a block of rooms for the weekend of the wedding. We’ll see how many people Michael’s parents want to invite.
  7. With the wedding and reception at our place, I’ll contact my friend, Fran. I wouldn’t consider anyone else for the catering. Her food and presentation are fabulous.
  8. The day of the wedding, I will help Sarah and her friends get dressed. For the ‘something borrowed’, I’m hoping she’ll wear my mother’s pearls.
  9. And the rest of the wedding day, I act as hostess, make sure my baby girl has a lovely day, answer questions, make introductions and try to have a good time!

What do you think the mother of the bride should do?  Post a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

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