This is the first in a series highlighting members of the Event Decor Direct team.

Described by other staff as knowledgeable, “super awesome”, and a great resource, Danielle Tabino wears many hats at Event Decor Direct in Deerfield, Florida.


Danielle’s day often starts with tidying up the showroom from the day before’s events, productions or interactions with customers. She turns on the lights and candles throughout the showroom to ensure that all the products are displayed effectively and that everything shines. Danielle knows the importance of making the showroom a place that customers want to visit because it is clean and tidy, and the products are recognizable and easy to access.

Danielle has a wide range of responsibilities. This week, for instance, the team is doing a photo shoot for Event Decor Direct’s new Floral Products and Floral Walls. Danielle dedicated time to make sure the photographers were capturing the new products in the best possible way. There is no sense in producing a new catalogue if the products don’t stand out.

Danielle also makes sure the team is staying ‘on track’ with the shoot schedule. With many of her responsibilities, there is a large element of balance required and photo shoots are no exception. Hiccups happen, but ‘time is money’ and Danielle works to make the best of the time spent doing each project.

Beginning next week, Danielle is working in coordination with one of the EDD designers to re-do the showroom in its new theme, “Garden Time”. Taking down previous backdrops and installing the new ones gives the showroom a fresh and beautiful new look for spring. Once the showroom area has been re-vamped, Danielle will work to bring in the many new Event Decor Direct products and incorporate them into the updated displays.


Above all else, it is Danielle’s job to work with, support and problem-solve for customers who visit the showroom. Danielle knows that without customers, a business simply does not exist. She recognizes that business owners and staff do not build businesses, they build relationships and those relationships are what build the business. Event Decor Direct customers often bring pictures of a backdrop they are trying to re-create. Danielle works closely with those customers to determine the type of fabrics that are required to produce the ‘look’ her customers are striving for as well as the lengths needed. After working through those details, Danielle provides her customers with a quote.

Always aiming to earn her customers’ business, Danielle spends many hours following up on quotes that she has prepared, inquiring about more questions and fielding feedback.

Danielle is often the person who will answer your phone call. If you have questions, Danielle is the person you want to talk to. She will help you:

  • place an order;
  • answer questions about new as well as stock products;
  • assist you in tracking your order and packages;
  • and answer your specific questions about how to design and achieve a certain backdrop.

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