Our prefabricated kits allow you to set up full ceiling draping in just a few minutes, all from the ground – no ladder needed! With pre-sewn grommets and use of our magnet kit, ceiling draping has never been so elegant and easy to set up!

These kits are perfect for the busy event planner – wash and reuse, installation and take down in MINUTES! Prefabricated ceiling kits work for most venues and events. In some cases the use of a stronger magnet or hook is needed. As always we do our best to provide the best suggested components but ultimately the installer is responsible for the safety and installation of these kits.

All of our prefabricated ceiling drapes are Fire Retardant.
NOTE: These panels are all hand sewn. We do not guarantee all swag panels will be exactly the same, however, once hung, these kits will be aesthetically appealing!

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